Senin, 26 Agustus 2013

Drama Korea Thank You OST

Thank You - Opening Title [download]
Thank You  - Hun [download]
Love You - Hun [download]
Recorder [download]
On a Windy Day [download]
Traces [download]
The Green Recalls You [download]
 I'll Love [download]
 Accordion - Theme [download]
Sad Memories [download]
 Morning Blue [download]
 Sacrifice [download]
One Thousand Four [download]
Good Bye [download]
Giseo - Theme [download]
As Time Goes By [download]
Promise [download]
Thank You - Ending Title [download]
Full Album >>> [download]

Additional songs
Beautiful World - Yurisangja [download]

2 komentar :

  1. Hi. Could you please kindly re-upload these songs. I've tried to click on the links, but apparently all are not working anymore. Please help. Thank You!!

    1. hi ... I have delete the data track. if you still want to download these songs only clip Full Album >>> [download]

      please enjoy the song